Sunday, May 20, 2018

Car culture - Getting out and about

Lately it's come to my attention that I spend entirely too much of my free time hanging around my house.  A condition I decided to rectify a couple of weeks ago.

I ventured out to (or more correctly went BACK to) one of Arizona's best known weekly car meetups.  The McDonald's Car show at the Scottsdale Pavilions.  I hadn't been out there in about 10 years so I didn't know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong representation of the Phoenix car culture.

For over 20 years people have been coming from all over the metro Phoenix area to show off rides of every conceivable permutation of the car hobby.

I was there back when it started as an informal event in a relatively unused parking lot in a far corner of Scottsdale.  A friend of mine actually grew a thriving auto body and paint business from customers met there that exists to this day.  That's the power of the community this event fosters.

From 57 Chevy's to Teslas and even bikes you're bound to find something that meets your fancy and someone to trade tall tales and memories.

You never know what you're going to find but be sure to show up early (starts at 4PM every Saturday) and wear your most comfortable shoes because there's usually 250 to 400 cars to see not counting the periphery of late comers and motorcycles.

Check out the video below for a taste of the action.  If you love cars, do yourself a favor and check it out yourself every Saturday from 4PM to 11PM at the McDonalds at the Scottsdale Pavilions ( also known as Talking Stick) off the 101 Freeway and Indian Bend Road.  Admission is free and parking is abundant.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Firebird Project - New Front Shocks...and more!

Once again we come to a crossroads.  

Fix it or ditch it. 

Is it good money after bad or is it an investment in the future.  Only you can answer that but if you extend your best foot forward every time at least you can be confident that you didn't cheat the process.

So it went with the latest project on the Formula.  Do we ignore obvious problems and just stick to the original plan or do we dig a little deeper and see if we can't advance toward our ultimate goal.

The desired result was to replace the front shocks, that was going to happen regardless.  However, experience has taught me that we weren't going to get away that easily.  The end result was not so much a surprise as an inevitability.

In the videos below you'll learn what it takes to tackle this project as well as learn about what you should be watching for.

Remember, you're dealing with a primary safety system here.  Shortcuts only invite disaster.

I'm hopeful the following is helpful in your project!