Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rear Transmission Mount on my 1995 Formula

Yesterday I received my new Transmission mount from RockAuto.  I got it because it's the first thing I thought of when I heard a very noticeable "Thud" from the floorboard when I gave it a little more gas than normal.

Now I wasn't completely sure that was the problem but for $8 it was cheap enough to give it a shot.  Well, it turned out it was indeed the problem.  The telltale sign that your LT1 F-body (93-97 model year) has this issue is a noticeable THUMP in the floorboards that comes from the rear console area when you nail the throttle and a general looseness in the rear end.  When the mount is bad it causes the torque arm that runs to the rear differential to rise with the tranny making the rear end even more squirrelly.

Mine was completely shot as you can see from the video.  

It's a simple enough procedure.

1. Raise the car to a convenient work height
2. Grab a jack and support the transmission. 
3. Remove the mount to crossmember nut (5.8)
4. Remove the trans crossmember (4 bolts, 2 per side)
5. Unbolt the old mount from the transmission (13MM socket)
6. Install the new mount to the transmission, flat side facing the rear of the car
7. Re-install crossmember, If the stud doesn't go through the hole you likely have the mount on backwards
8. Lower the jack holding the transmission up.
9. Re-install the bolt and washer on the tranny mount stud that's poking through the crossmember.
10. Get your crap out from under the car and lower it down.
11. You're done, go take a test drive.

Note, I've included a section in the video showing the part numbers for the transmission crossmember for these cars.  If you have to go on a junkyard hunt they'll be helpful.

The stamping on mine are:

Hope this helps!

Enjoy the Vid!

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